Unsere Tanzarchiv

* = Catalan

Tanz Choreograph Musik Interpret
1...2...3...Whisky* Chrystel Durand (FR), Séverine Fillion (FR) & Stefano Civa (IT) The Whiskey's Gone Alli Walker
15 Minutes Marla Brandon 15 Minutes Rodney Atkins
1976 Rolf H Günther 1976 Alan Jackson
8 Ball* Sandrine & Magali  8 Ball Aitken Outback Booty Call
9 to 5* Kim Ray 9 to 5  Dolly Parton
A Country High* Norman Gifford High On A Country Song Sam Riggs
A Little Bit Lit* Rob Fowler Lit Trace Atkins
A Little Bitty Dance Paul R. Dlouhy Little Bitty Alan Jackson
Action Darren Bailey A little less talk and a lot more ACTION Toby Keith
Adalida* Adriano Castagnoli Adalida George Strait
Ain't going Nowehre Lori Wong Any Way the Wind Blows Brother Phelps
Alabama Boy Francien Sittrop Alabama Boy Kacey Smith
Alcohol* Bruno Morel Put some Alcohol on it Gord Bamford
All Summer Long Pim van Grootel & Daniel Trepat All Summer Log Kid Rock
Alligator Rock The Berkshire County Line Dancers  See You Later Alligator Bill Haley
All You Need* Robbie Mac Gowan Hickie All You Really Need Is Love Brad Paisley
Alright, Already* Connie Nielsen Alright, Already   Restless Heart
American Kids* Randy Pelletier  American Kids Kenny Chesney
Anything For Love* The Dreamers Anything For Love James House
Anyway* Bruno Moggia She loves me anyway Chancey Williams
Apache Spirit Dance Daniel Trepat More Cows Than People Ashton Shepherd
Authority* Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner Authority Song Chancey Williams & he Younger Brothers Band
Back to the Bar* Séverine Fillion She's got me Drinking Again Richard Lynch
Bad Bad Leroy Brown unbekannt Bad Bad Leroy Brown Jim Corce
Beautiful Day Gaye Theater A Beautiful Day Dave Sheriff
Beer for my Horses Christine Bass Beer for my Horses Tobi Keith
Belle Lousiana* Wil Bos He Yaille Yaille Véronique Labbé
Best Adventure* Gianmarco "Johnny" Rossato Best Adventure Leaving Thomas
Better Days Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner Better Days Kirsty Lee Akers
Black Koffee  Helen O.Malley Black Koffee  Lacy J Dalton
Blessed Jackie Miranda Blessed Elton John
Blue Rose Is
Donna Lent
Blue Rose Is Pam Tillis
Bonaparte's Retreat
Maddison Glover
Bonaparte's Retreat Glen Campell
Boot Scootin Boogie* Bill Bader Boot Scootin'Boogie Brooks & Dunn
Born to be Great* Conrad Farnham Some Town Somewhere Kenny Chesney
Botton Of The Bottle Gary O'Reilly Botton Of The Bottle Derek Ryan
Bound Ta Git Down Rob Fowler Bound Ta Git Down Shooter Jennings
Bread and Butter* Roz Morgan Shortenin' Bread Tractors
Bring  Down The House* Stéphane Cormier & Denis Henley Bring  Dawn The House Dean Brody
Bring on the Good Time* Gary O?reilly & Maggie Gallagher Bring On The Good Time Lisa McHugh
Broken Stones Dee Musk Broken Stones Paul Walker
Bud Wiser* Robbie McGowan Hickie Make Her Fall In Love With Me George Strait
Buddy* Bruno Moggia One Step Forward Desert Rose Band
Burning Love* Christian Sildatke Burning Love Travis Tritt
Cabo San Lucas Rep Ghazali Cabo San Lucas Toby Keith
Canadian Stomp Dorsey Napier Any Man of Mine Shania Twain 
Cary's Breakup Séverine Fillion Should've Known Better Carly Pearce
Chattahoochee -- Chattahoochee Alan Jackson
Cha cha with me NielsB Poulsen Dance With Me Michael Bolton
Cherry Bomb Rob Fowler Cherry Bomb River Town Saints
Chica Boom Boom Vikki Morris Boom Boom Goes My Heart Alex Swings Oscar Sings
Chicken Truck* David Prestor Chicken Truck Shane Owens
Chill Factor* Daniel Whittiker & Hayley Whitehead, Last Night Chris Anderson 
Chips & Dip* David Villellas Same Ol' Love Rob Wilson
Chop Chop* Séverine Fillion Chop Bruno LeGrizzly
City Of Music* Séverine Fillion & David  Villellas City Of Music Brad Paisley
Chocolate City Hustle  Charlotte Skeeters Old Time Rock N' Roll  Bob Seger
Chop* Montse Sweet Shut up and Fish Maddie & Tae
Closer Mary Kelly Closer Susan Ashton
Coastin* Ray & Tina Yeoman Lord of the Dance  Ronan Hardiman
Codigo Pat Stott Codigo George Strait
Coffee Days and Whiskey Nights Ivonne Verhagen Coffee Days And Whiskey Nights Robynn Shayne
Come Along and Ride with me Kti Torrella Ride with me The Mavericks
Come dance with me  Jo Thompson Come Dance With Me   Nancy Hays
Corn Rob Fowler Corn Blake Shelton
Corn don't grow Tina Argyle Where Corn don't grow Travis Tritt
Country 2 Step* Masters In Line

I Just Want My Baby Back


Summertime Blues

Jerry Kilgore



Alan Jackson

Country As Can Be* Suzanne Wilson Country as a Boy Can Be Brandy Seals
Country and High Heels Francien Sittrop Country Ain't Never Been Pretty Cam
Country Boy Lovin'* Maddison Glover - (AUS) Country Boy Lovin' Dillon Camichael
Country in 3 Michele Burton, Maddison Glover & Jo Thompson Szymanski Country in me Lauren Alaina
Country Mill* David Villellas Beer Season Thom Shepherd
Country Roads Kate Sala Country Roads Hermes House Band
Country Walkin'* Teree DeSarro Walk In The Country' The Ranch
Country's Smile* The Dreamers I'll Call you Tony Ramey
Cowboy Boogie Kelly Bukhart I Feel Lucky Mary Chapin Carpenter
Cowboy by night* Max Guerrero A Long Way Home Dwight Yoakam
Cowboy for a Night* Alison Johnstone, David Hoyn, Ira Weisburd , Pedro Machado Cowboy For A Night Australia's Tornadoes
Cowgirl Twist* Bill Bader Honky Tonk Twist Scooter Lee
Cripple Creek Kip Sweeny Cripple Creek Jim Rast&Knee Deep BPM
Cristal Touch Claire BELL & Maddison GLOVER Slow Hand Mike Rayn
Cry To Me Paul McAdam Cry To Me Solomon Burke
Daddy* Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner Santa Looks A Lot Like Daddy Brad Paisley
Damn Rob Fowler Damn Brett Kissel
Dance Again* Adriano Castagnoli Standin'Still The Clark Family Experience
Darlene* Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner Darlene T. Graham Brown
Day of the dead Dan Albro (USA) Day of the dead Wade BOWEN
Desirable Crystel Durand Everybody Chris Janson
Despacito Rosa Mari, Francisca Pons, M. Angels Alemany, Rose Fuster, Juan Morro Despacito Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee
Dini Seel chli lo Bambele la Marcel Rohrer Dini Seel chli lo Bambele lo Partyhelden
Disappearing Trail Lights* Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Disappearing Tail Lights Gord Bamford
District 51* David Villellas  All Gods Creatures Patrick Feeneys
Dixie* Bruno Moggia About the South Rodney Atkins
Do What You Can Ole Jacobson feat. Nina K. Do What You Can Bon Jovi & Jennifer Nettles
Doctor, Doctor* Master In Line Bad case of loving you Robert Palmer
Double Devil* Chrystel Durand & Séverine Fillion Devil Don't Even Bother Kane Brown
Double Down Two Step* Michele Burton Chip And A Chair Donny Lee
Down On Your Uppers Gary O'Reilly Down On Your Uppers Derek Ryan
Down to the Honky Tonk Stephen Pistola Down to the Honky Tonk Jake Owens
DPM* Montse Moscardó, Pol F. Ryan & David Villellas Down In The Woods Whosoever South
Drinkaby Rachael McEnaney Drinkaby Cole Swindell
Drinking Problem Darren Bailey Drinking Problem Midland
Drinking with Dolly* Séverine Fillion Drinking With Dolly Stéphanie Quayle
Drinks on me* David Villellas  Rainout Hangout Josh Ward
Driven* Rob Fowler Driven Casey James
Duck Soup* Frank Trace Restless  Shelby Lynne
Duty Free* Ester Mayans & Jóse Natural Disaster Zac Brown Band
Easy Way* David Villellas Just Be You  Billy Yates
Electric Slide
Ric Silver (USA) 76
Country Fair Chris LeDoux
Everybody Knows Jane Thorpe Everybody Knows Dixie Chicks
Family Truck* Bruno Moggia My old Chevy Brenn Hill
Farm Girl* Lolita Tournatory Farm Girl Joanna Smith
Feel the Moment* David Villellas Walla Walla Prison Scotty Alexander
Feeling Kinda Lonely Margaret Swift Feeling Kinda Lonely  The Dean Brothers
Fireflies Rudy Honing, Wesley F. Wessels Firefly Derek Ryan
Firestorm * Adriano Castagnoli Cajun Hoedowm Karen McDawn
Floor it Rob Fowler Floor it De Kadooh
Free Time* Adriano Castagnoli I Believe In You Sister Hazel
Galway Girl* Chris Hodgson The Galway Girl Sharon Shannon & Steve Earl
Get Down The Fiddle Micaela Svenssson Erlandssson Louisiana Saturday Night Robert Mizzell
Girls gone wild* Virginie BARJAUD The girls gone wild Travis Tritt
Girls of the Summer Kate Sala Girl of The Summer Kip Moore
Go Seven* Ria Vos Seven Lonely Days Bouke or "Go" by The Refreshments
God blessed Texas* Shirley K. Batson God blessed Texas Little Texas
Golden Wedding Ring Séverine Fillion Golden Ring
Terri Clark & Dierks Bentley
Gone to Kentucky Fati Gone to Kentucky Genvieve Spalding
Good Night David Linger Good Night Billy Currington
Good Night Out Arnaud Marraffa Good Night Out Derek Ryan
Good Start* Adriano Castagnoli Front Row Seats Sunny Sweeney
Good Time* Jenny Cain Good Time Alain Jackson
Grandma's Cottage Jeanette Copeman and Phoenix Adamson Two Rooms And A Kitchen Robert Mizzell
Great Day* Maxence Bail  It's a Great Day to be Alive Lee Matthews
Greater than me* Maggie Gallagher Greater MercyMe
Green Grass* Agnes Gauthier Where The Green Grass Grow Tim McGraw
Groovy Love F. Whitehouse, D. Trepat, J. Dahlgren If Jesus Loves Me Saint Lanvain (ft. Rahmsed)
Half A Cha Rob Fowler Half a Song Cody Johnson
Hallelujah* Adriano Castagnoli Joy's gonna come in the Morning The Samaritans
Happy Day* David Villellas Happy Does Kenny Chesney
Happy, Happy, Happy* Mª Angeles Mateu Simon Soggy Bottom Summer Dean Brody
Happy People EZ Martine Canonne Happy People Little Big Town
Hardy* Darren Bailey All She Left Was Me Hardy
Hell Yeah* Séverine Fillion Hell Yeah McAlister Kemp
Here we Go* Gary O'Reilly (IRE) & Maggie Gallagher (UK) Here we Go Wildflowers
Hey Boss* Lilly und Mario Hollnsteiner One More Last Chance Vince Gill
Hey Girl* Michaela Svensson Erlandsson Come do a Little Life Mo Pitney
High Cotton Niels B. Poulsen High Cotton Alabama
High Time Baby* Fabian Müller High Time Nickelback
Hillbilly Rock Rod & Lorraine Gent Hillbilly Rock, Hillbilly Roll The Woolpackers
Hold* Jgor Pasin  Maybe i Shouldn`t Matt Borden
Hole Down In My Heart* Séverine Fillion, Roy Verdonk, Rob Fowler Hole Down In My Heart Sam Outlaw
Hollys Church* Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner My Church Home Free / Maren Morris
Holy Moly* David Villellas Footloose Black Shelton
Homage Polo Hofer Monika Ottiger und Marcel Rohrer Alperose Polo Hofer
Honeysuckle* Daniela Bar Tos Honey Bee Blake Shelton
Honky Tonk Slap* Séverine Fillion, Chrystel Durand & Brayan Bogey Hank The Hell Out Of The Honkytonk Chris Janson
Honky Tonk Women Jose Miquel Belloque & Roy Verdonk Big Boy Toys Aaron Tippin
Hunting Dog* David Villellas That Dog'll Hunt  Walker Hayes
House of Cards Glynn "Applejack" Rodgers, Gary Samms, Stephan Rutter House of Cards Kezia Gill
I'm Still fishing Agnès Gauthier I'm Still Fishing Mr Jay & Carlton Moody
Ice cold Corona Pat Stott Start Over Zac Brown Band
I Don't Look Good Naked Any More Eddie Huffmann I Don't Look Good Naked Any More Snake Oil Willie Band
If You Stéphane Cormier If You Lee Brice
I Just want to dance  Charlotte Williams  I Just want to dance with You  George Strait
I need More of You Tom Wittig In need more of you Bellamy Brothers
I Said It All* Montse Chafino & David Villellas I Said All That To Say All This Jimmy Buckley
Irish Boots Roy Verdonk (NL), Ivonne Verhagen (NL), Kate Sala (UK) & Jef Camps (BE) Head Over Heels Phil Dust & Jaron Storm
Irish Stew* Lois Lightfoot  "IRISH STEW"  Shamrock
Irwin County* Landon James Purvis Out Of Nowhere Walker Montgomery
Island in the Stream Karen Jones Islands In The Stream Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton
It's Alright* Adriano Castagnoli Fish  Aaron Watson
Its So Easy* Dorte Carlsen Its So Easy Linda Ronstadt
Joana* Xose Massoti Come early Morning Don Williams
John Wayne* Adriano Castagnoli John Wayne & Jesus -  Pat Green
Just a Girl* Arnaud Marraffa und Séverine Fillion Just a Girl Lady Antebellum
Just A Little Love Maggie Gallagher Just A Little Love Derek Ryan
Just my luck Alan Haywood Tired of Getting My Butt Kicked  The Bellamy Brothers
Lake Darbone* David Villellas  Lake Darbone Katie Knight
LaLaLi* Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner This Is Not Goodbye Johnny Reid
Last Cowboy* Silvia Calsina Last Living Cowboy Toby Keith
Let you go* BRUNO MOREL Roll in the hay  Don Derby
Like a fine Wine Jef Camps & Sebastien Bonnier Love Takes Time Gord Bamford
Little Buritto* Fabian Müller My People James Johnston
Little White Church* Natalie De Vito Little big town Little white church Little Big Town 
Livin' On Love Alan & Barbera Heighway Livin' On Love Alan Jackson
LMN Saloon* Laura Turcaud, Maevan Courant, Nicolas Gilet Beer 10 Alan Jackson
Lonely Drum* Darren Mitchell Lonely Drum Aaron Goodvin
Long Horn* Silvia Denise Staiti, David Villellas, Teo Lattanzio e Pol F. Ryan Long Gone Wynn Williams
Looking Good Darren Bailey The Way She's Looking The Raibon Brothers
Lord Help Me Marie Sorensen The Kind Of Person The Bellamy Brothers
Lost in me* David Villellas Wagon Wheel Nathan Carter
Love again Laura López Never Loved Before Alan Jackson
Love Me Some You Agnès Gauthier Love Me Some You Matt Lang
Love runs out Regina Cheung  Love Runs Out  OneRepublic
Love Trick* Rachael McEnaney What's not to love Trick Pony
Lucky Lips Gary Lafferty Lucky Lips The Conqueros
Kill the Spider Gaye Teather You need a Man Around Here Brad Paisley
King Of The Cone* Angèle Vidal King of the cone Daniel Byrne
Knock off Chrystel Durand, Guylaine Bourdages, Julie Lépine, Niels Poulsen, Stéphane Cornier et Nicolas Lachance Knock off Jess Moskaluke
Magazine* David Villellas Coalmine Sara Evans
Make This Day Rachael McEnaney Make This Day Zac Brown Band
Mama Maria* Frank Trace Mama Maria Ricchi u Poveri
Makita Kate Sala & Robin McGowan Hickie Just One Tim Jamie O'Neal
Midnight Train* Séverine Fillion & Adriano Castagnoli Midnight Train The Washboard Union
Million Dollar Blues* Adriano Castagnoli Million Dollar Blues Stoney LaRue
Missing  Heather Barton Missing William Michael Morgan
My blue Jeans* Adriano Castagnoli If You Love Somebody Kevin Sharp
My Pretty Belinda  Vikki Morris Pretty Belinda Dr. Victor & The Rasta Rebels
New Friends* Fabian Müller Friends Blake Shelton
New Years Day* Marie Claude Gil  New Years Day  Charlie Robison
Nice & Easy Bruno Morel It Looks Like Pain  Chris Cummings
Nickajack Rob Fowler Nickajack River Road
Niente* David Villellas Nothing on you and me Tim Hicks
No Body* The Blake Shelton dancers No Body Blake Shelton
Off The Beaten Track Gary Oreilly Off The Beaten Track Derek Ryan
Oh Tonight* David Villellas   Oh, Tonight  Josh Abbott Band (feat. Kacey Musgraves)
Old Time Cowboys* Bruno Moggia Good Ole Boys Blake Shelton
Open Heart Cowboy* Sandrine & Magali Little Yellow Blanket Dean Brody
Oregon* Silvia Denise Staiti Getaway Truck Aaron watson
P3* Gabi Ibáñez Take It Or Break It  Wilson Fairchild
Paradise* Adriano Castagnoli Every Shade Of Gone George Canyon
Pavement Ends Gudrun Schneider & Florida Friends Pavement Ends Little Big Town
Pay me my money down* David Prestor Pay me my money down Bruce Springsteen
Peaceful and Easy* Bruno Moggia und David Prestor Peaceful Easy Feeling Little Texas
Peaches & Cream Peter Metelnick and Alison Biggs You're Sixteen  Ringo Starr 
Petit Gianni* David Villellas Mamas Anne Wilson & Hillary Scott
Phontoon Gail Smith Pontoon  by Little Big Town
Pick Her Up* Daren Bailey Pick Her Up Hot Country Knights
Playboys* Karl-Harry Winson Playboys Midland
Pot of Gold* Liam Hrycan Dance above the Rainbow Ronan Hardiman
Power* David Villellas Power Ian Scott
Pretend Ed Lawton Thanks Good For The Radio Alan Jackson
My Pretty Belinda  Vikki Morris Pretty Belinda Dr. Victor & The Rasta Rebels
Pretty soon* Silvia Denise Staiti Lucky Megan Moroney
Priscilla* Virginie Barjaud Priscilla Miranda Lambert
Priority* David Villellas  Chicken Fried Zac Brown
Puddle of Love* David Villellas Puddle if Love Mason Ramsey
Quarter To Six* Vicki E. Rader The City Put The Country Back in Me Neal McCoy
Rainy Night Johnny I Love A Rainy Night Robert Mizzell
Raised Like That Darren Bailey Raised Like That James Johnston
Remember When Marta Z. Remember When Alan Jackson
Rhyme or reason  Rachael McEnaney It happens  Sugarland
Ride With Me* Adriano Castagnoli, Ride With Me Matt Kennon
Riverbank Stomp* DeAnna Lee River Bank Brad Paisley
Rock and Stomp* Adriano Castaglioni In The Middle Of All That Trouble Again Albert Douglas Meakin
Rock Around The Clock Peter Metelnick Rock Around The Clock  Bill Haley & The Comets
Rock In Christmas Annette Hagberg A Very Merry Rockin' Good Christmas Robert Wells & Little Mike Watson
Rockin'* Anita McNab Some Beach  Blacke Shelton
Rockland* Adriano Castagnoli Trouble Sam Outlwa
Rock Paper Scissors Maggie Gallaghe Rock-Paper-Scissors Katzenjammer
Rodeo Blues Kate Sala Sea of Cowboy Hats Chely Wright
Roots* Tina Argyle Roots Zac Brown Band
Rose-A-Lee Preben Klitgaard Rose-A-Lee Smokie
Road House Rock Rob Fowler Used to be Country Town Sons of Palomino
Safe Haven Séverine Fillion & Bruno Morel Save Heaven Hillary Scott & The Scott Family
Same Boat Rachael McEnaney-Wite Same Boat Zac Brown Band
Sex Love and Texas Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Will Bos, Roy Verdonk Sex Love and Texas Jakson Thayler and the Sinners

Shakin' mix*

Yvonne van Baalen Hitmix Shakin' Stevens

She Knows*

Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner Can't Say No Dan & Shay

Short Time*

Adriano Castagnoli Chicken Pickin Cory Hargreaves
Silverado* Julie Molkner Down at the Twist and Shut Chapin Carpenter
SKIFFLE TIME* Darren Bailey Mama don't allow The Jive Aces
Slap and Stomp* Séverine Fillion Hollywood Aaron Watson
Slappin' Leather Brendon Gayle TROUBLE Travis Tritt
Soak up the Sun Ria Vos A Few Good Stories Brett Kissel
Southern Girl* Darren Bailey Southern Girl Tim McGraw
Southern Thing* Rob Fowler & Darren "Daz" Bailey Ain't Just a Southern Thing Alan Jackson
Stay Strong* David Villellas & Montse Sweet Absolutely Positively Mitchell John
Steak and Grill* David Villellas  Daddy Danced  Jimmy Buckley
Step by Love* David Villellas   Jackob's Ladder  Mark Wills
Stomping Country Roy Verdonk, Giuseppe Scaccianoce, JP Barrois, Betty Villard & Ivonne Verhagen Call It Country  Travis Denning
Stop and Cafe* Adriano Castagnoli Jack's Truck Stop and Cafe Dale Watson
Stop Staring At My Eyes* Raymond Sarlemijn, Niels Poulsen Boobs The Bellamy Brothers
Storm and Stone Maddison Glover Run Storm & Stone
Story Maddison Glover Story Drake White
Stroll Along Cha Cha Jo Thompson Pay me The Way Ernie Oldfield
Strong Bounds* Séverine Fillion & Bruno Moggia Long Goodbye Dwight Yoakam & Michelle Branch
Summer Fly* Geoffrey Rothwell Summer Fly   Hayley Westenra
Sunbeam* Bruno Moggia Sunbeam Jack County
SWEAT AND DUST* Neus Lloveras, Séverine Fillion, Adriano Castagnoli, Stefano Civa, Jgor Pasin Be That For You High Valley

Sweet Attraction

Kate Sala, Shelly Guichard & Dee Musk

What Gave Me Away

Trisha Yearwood
Sweet Dummy* Montse Chafino (Sweet) Shotgun The Mc Clymonts
Sweet Erika* Montse Chafino Small Town Big Times Blake Shelton
Sweet Eyes* Montse 'Sweet' Chafino & David Villellas Don't Close Your Eyes Ritchie Remo
Sweet sweet smile* Fi Scott & Johnny Sweet Sweet Smile  Sharon B
Tag on* David Villellas To Strong To Break  Beccy Cole
Take a Little Drive* Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner Take a Little Drive Davidson Brothers
Take Me Home Karen Tripp Take Me Home Tol & Tol
Tell me why* Johnny Rossato Now I do Tebey
Tequila Circle Priska Posratschnig He Drinks Tequila Lorrie Morgan, Sammy Kershaw
Texas Hold 'Em Guylaine Bourdages Texas Hold 'Em Beyouncé
Texas Stomp Ruth Elias I'm from the country Tracy Bird
Texas Time Alan Birchall&Jacqui Jax Texas Time Keith Urban
Thank You Tina Argyle Thank You Gary Perkins ¬ The Breeze
That's Country* Séverine Fillion That's Country Bro Toby Keith
The Boat To Liverpool* Ross Brown On The Boat To Liverpool Nathan Carter
The Captain Joshua Talbot Wellerman (Sea Shanty / 220 KID x Billen Ted Remix) Nathan Evans, 220 KID & Billen
The Gambler* Guy Dubé & Denis Henley The Gambler  Kenny Rogers
The Harvester Séverine Fillion The Harvester Brandon Heath
The River* Montse Moscardó Sip Away Rascal Flatts
The Small Story Craig Bennet Story of My Life One Direction
The Trail* Judy McDonald Trail Of Tears  Billy Ray Cyrus
The Wanderer June Wilson The Wanderer The Wanderer
Things* Garry Lafferty Things I Carry Arround Troy Cassar-Daley
Thirsty* Bruno Moggia Honky Tonk Talk Todd Fritsch
This & That Gary Lafferty Woman Maark Chesnutt
Three Teachers* Araceli Capitán, David Villellas & Montse 'Sweet' Chafino Head Over Heels The Washboard Union
Through Your Eyes Maggie Gallagher Through Your Eyes Morgan Wade
Tick Tock* Gabi Ibanez & Paqui Monroy 1,2 Many Luke Combs
Time To Dance Jérome Grodkowski 1-2-3 Cliona Hagans
Tipperary Girl new* Manuela Kaiser Tipperary Girl  Ritchie Remo
Tippin' it up Gary O'Reilly Tippin' it up to Nancy Sean Magee
Toes* Rachael McEnaney Toes Zac Brown Band
To Get A Girl Rob Fowler To Get A Girl Josiah Siska
Train Wreck Niels B. Pulsen Can't let go Jill King
Tripple C* Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner Sixteen Thomas Rhett
Truck a Truck* Jóse Ferrer A Girl Who Loves To Truck  The Road Hammers
Tush Push* Jim Ferrazzano Every Little Thing Carlene Carter
Twins* Mercè Orriols Four Time Loser Workin' on a Fifth Doug Brewin
Untamed* Alessandro Boer Untamed Cam
Until The Dawn Gary Lafferty Marvin Gaye Charlie Puth
Walking Backwards  Robbie McGowan Hickie Walking Backwards  Brandon Sandefur 
Water Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse Water Brad Paisley
Wanna be Elvis* Robbie McGown Hickie Elvis Tonight Jason Allen
Wave on Wave* Alan G. Birchall Wave on Wave  Pat Green
Weekdays Arthur Furrer Exept for Mondays Lorrie Morgan
West Party* Adriano Castagnoli Let's talk about love Jessie Farrell
Wildfire* Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner Wildfire Aaron Watson
What makes you country Rob Holley What makes you country Luke Bryan
When You Smile José Miguel Belloque Vane, Roy Verdonk When You Smile Rune Rudberg
Whiskey Bridge* Maddison Glover Whiskey Under The Bridge Brooks & Dunn
Whiskey on the Shelf* Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher Irish Whiskey on the Shelf Lee Mathews
Whiskey Whiskey Rob Fowler 1,2,3,4 Alan Doyle
Wishful Thinking Jim O'Neill Lovin' All Night Rodney Crowell
Whiskeys Gone* Rob Fowler Whiskeys Gone  Zac Brown Band
White Rose* Gaye Teather White Rose Toby Keith
Writing on the Wall Gary Lafferty You Don't have to Paint me a Picture Alan Jackson
Ya come down* Teo Lattanzio Won't Ya Come Down
Derek Ryan
You get it* David Villellas Rdy 2go Bryce Pallister
You Got That Thang Rachael McEnaney You Got That Thang Uncle Kracker 
Zanzare* David Villellas,  Pol F Ryan No Hard Feelings Old Dominion